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At Brookhaven Christian Church, we believe that we exist to praise the living God in all we say and do and to draw all people to Christ. In worship we invite all to receive communion as we gather at Christ’s table each week. We strive to build community within our fellowship and to reach outside our walls to welcome and serve others as Christ has welcomed us.

We believe that Jesus called his followers to be disciples, living out their faith. Our church is people-driven, which means we believe that the church is led by the church community and not solely by the professional ministers.  BCC family members of every age are invited to use their gifts in ministry and service.

At BCC, many of us come from diverse areas across the theological map. We believe that those differences don’t divide us, but make us a stronger church. When someone wishes to join our church, we only ask one question: “Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, Savior and Lord?” Christ unites us and we believe that everything else gets worked out in community.

Finally, we believe that in all things we are called to live out the message of Jesus to love God and our neighbor through our mission: to connect, serve, grow, and love.

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