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A Movement for Wholeness in a Fragmented World


Established on the American Frontier in the early 1800's, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the oldest and largest Protestant church founded in the United States. Simplicity and unity, freedom and practicality remain a part of our heritage.


We believe that The New Testament, particularly the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, form the basis of our Christian faith and life. As Disciples of Christ, we respect diversity of thought and advocate responsible and conscientious religious and intellectual freedom. We believe in the Priesthood of all Believers, a theology that states all Christ's followers bear his message of love to the world and are responsible for proclaiming it. We strive to live out the words of our founder, Thomas Campbell: “In the essentials of the faith, we seek unity; in the non-essentials of the faith, we promote liberty; in all things, let us act in love.”


We invite you to explore the following links to additional information about The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):


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