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In Reach and Out Reach Community Service Program (IOCSP)


Program Objective: The objective of the Brookhaven Christian Church (BCC) IOCSP is to establish a sense of two way connection with the community in which we serve. The BCC congregation has made a conscious decision to selectively identify certain programs in which we will participate in an ongoing basis. In addition to participation; we have made a conscious decision to develop an understanding of what is most important to those we serve within these selected programs.


Method by which we deliver: Our focus with the IOCSP is to first and foremost, educate the BCC congregation on our programs and the intent of the programs in which we serve. With this in mind, we will have a commitment to understanding, and learning, about the programs in which we serve in order to best deliver that which is required. We will identify key program liaisons, be it internal or external programs, and have the key liaison understand; and more importantly, communicate to our congregation that which is most important to the community program in which we serve. We are dedicated to go above and beyond and not simply “check the box”.

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